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Beginning Steps for Inventors

As an individual in the early idea stages, are you experiencing excitement and frustration right now? On the one hand, do you see the rewards and potential of your idea while simultaneously being plagued by a multitude of confusing questions about how to start, who to go to, who to trust, how much it will cost, and whether your idea is even worth pursuing?

If so, you're not alone. In more than a decade of guiding thousands of inventors, I've found that most people with new ideas have little or no experience in commercializing a product, and usually work at a full-time job. So it's very understandable that they may not have the knowledge, time or resources to develop and launch a new product.

My belief is that education should be your first priority in developing your new idea...

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Licensing, Can Somebody Do This For Me?NEW!

Need Guidance On What to Do Next with Your New Product or Idea?


Stuck? Have questions or problems that aren't answered in any book? Need strategies and direction? Pick Stephen's brain, and benefit from his extensive knowledge and experience with his personalized advice and coaching! Stephen can:
  • Help you assess if you're going in the right direction
  • Provide you with personalized referrals to associations and resources you need
  • Guide you to Find Legitimate Licensee Companies, Licensing agents and other VIPs
  • Direct You in Negotiating a Licensing Agreement
  • Review Your Agreements and Point out their Strengths and Weaknesses
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    "You gave me contacts, priceless suggestions on manufacturing, licensing approaches, insights into the inner workings of the toy industry."
    ...Eileen Morris

    Stephen is so much more than a problem solver. He is also an incredible "big picture" guy, giving me specific tools that assist with the visioning of my projects."
    ...Kerstin Sjoquist
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  • Public Service Message - Free Education

    The National Congress of Inventor Organizations [NCIO] is a non-membership, non-profit, free-for-all web site. If you're a newbie to inventing, a lot of free how-to information and resources are available at NCIO's web site, including NCIO's free "Inventing 101 On-line Course". You can do a preliminary patent search, find a Patent & Trademark Depository Library near you, check if a company has been fined by the FTC, read about scams, and read and print out the free "Inventing 101" on-line course.
    Go to and click "Inventors Assistance & Help" button.

    An Inventor's Journey

    Short Stories about Inventors
    on the Path
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    Many times, learning about the successes and/or difficulties other have overcome, not only helps us in our own path, but also inspires us. This free newsletter gives insights about inventors who haven't necessarily arrived yet where they want to be, but are still on the path. Click here to read the article.


    Thank you for the helpful information and I will be in touch again soon as I make further progress.

    I thought you might like to know that I took Stephen's advice and spoke directly with the Patent Examiner reviewing one my applications...

    After speaking with me, he then reversed his ruling, extended the review date for another three months, told me more or less what language he wanted me to use in my application and then called my attorney to relay all of this same information to him as well.

    Naturally, my attorney called me up and was shocked. So, I cannot thank you enough for your suggestion Stephen.

    Thanks, MK, California

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    Got a New Idea?
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    You're invited to attend a free workshop that will give you a strategy overview of how to establish a solid foundation and protect your ideas initially without a patent, how to get patent pending for under $100, and how to make sure your idea has true market value before spending any money on patents or prototypes.

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    B-12 For The Brain

    An Energizing Shot of
    Tips and Insights
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    The most frequently asked question I receive is, "Do You Have a List of Legitimate Companies?". Click here to read the article in reply to this question.

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