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1. Who do you work with, who can you help?
2. I'm in the early idea stage, can you help me protect my idea?
3. I'm more advanced, I'm already patent pending or patented, is there anything you can help me with?
4. How exactly can you help me? What is it that you do?
5. What can be covered in the TeleConsultations?
6. Are there required dates or schedules for the TeleConsultations?
7. How do the phone TeleConsultations work?
8. What subjects can I discuss?
9. How long are the sessions?
10. Do I need to prepare for a session?
11. Can these sessions be done in person?
12. You mentioned getting blocks or packages of hours, how does this work?
13. How do I schedule an appointment?
14. How do I pay for a session?
15. How much do follow up sessions cost?


I work with all types of intellectual property creators. If you have an invention or innovation such as a kitchen gadget, medical product, tool, home and garden product, I can help. In addition, if you have an idea for a book, food product, a business idea, a script, I can assist you. If you're an artist with cartoons, illustrations, or designs, or whether you are you a photographer with a collection of images, I can guide you. If you've created music or lyrics, or designed a new toy or game, or software, I can help. If you make unique craft items, or have a concept for a reality show, I can coach you. Whether you work at a full time job and are doing this as a side project, or starting a small business for your product, I can help.

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If you're someone who has a new idea or concept, this is the absolute best time for me to help you, at the very beginning stage, because I can help steer you away from wasting thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on scams.

Also, many people with ideas mistakenly believe that they need to immediately go buy costly patents and prototypes, but I can help prevent you from spending thousands of dollars on expensive patents, prototypes or other services that may eventually be needed at some time if your idea has the potential you think it has - but usually not at this early stage.

I can show you how to protect your new ideas for literally just a few dollars, which allows you to spend your limited time and budget on the services or products that you absolutely need.

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If you're more advanced and already have a patent pending, patent or prototype, or have even already contacted some manufacturers, I can help you evaluate and assess what you've done to date, and either help you figure out how to correct course if you need to, or to redefine your objectives and show you your options available to help you with your new goal, and move forward to the next steps in the process of inventing.

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Your idea is unique. You are a unique person. Your experience and abilities are unique, and your situation is unique. There is no "cookie cutter" process to launching a new idea.

Every situation depends on:

* what the invention is
* what field it's in
* the inventor's background i.e. education, business experience
* where the invention is at in the development stage
* the inventor's resources including emotional support and finances
Every situation is very individualized. What I do is provide insights into your very specific issues or problemsand help you determine a correct course through the "One-on-One Tele-ConsultationsTM" by phone. Working with me is really an interactive process of education and guidance, customized specifically for you and your unique idea.

What does interactive mean? Well, there are many books, seminars and educational programs out there that may be excellent, and I encourage you to learn as much as you can from everything that's available. Education is extremely important.

But not everything out there is helpful because the information is usually very "general", and you can't ask questions to a book! Since the information doesn't necessarily apply to everyone, you'll probably end up with a lot of questions, concerns and confusion.

Through my "Tele-ConsultationTM" sessions, I speak with you personally, one-on-one, by phone. You can ask me questions about where you're at and what to do next. But I'll also ask you questions to find out what you've done to date which may uncover any symptomatic problems so that you can correct them before they develop into a problem. Then I take a look to see if you've missed anything, or if you can improve on anything you've already done, and I offer suggestions and recommendations if I think there's something that should have been done.

If everything's okay, then I skip all the parts of what you've already done, and customize what I give you to where you're at in the process. If you're further along and already have your idea protection in place, or already have a prototype, then we'll pick it up from where you're at, and we'll work on the next step of the process. For example, if you're all set to start contacting potential licensees, that's where we'll start and that's what we'll focus on.

By having me in the picture as your personal coach and advisor, I'll be showing you what your full range of options (choices) are, for the different stages of launching your ideas.

Whatever phase you're at, I'll give you personalized advice and direction that takes into account your individual business experience, what your idea is, what industry it falls into, how much you have done so far, and your budget. Then I give you my recommendations and suggestions about what I believe needs to be done, and I send you follow-up support materials including special reports, guides, and customized direction by email for you to study and follow.

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Here are Examples of How I Help Through My Consultation Services:

1. Review and feedback on emails, letters and help writing letters:
I review email inquiries, or letters expressing interest or rejection from companies and give my clients feedback on what to do next as well as guidance in drafting a reply letter which I'll also review and provide feedback on. I do this all the time with clients who use my consulting service on an hourly basis as well as cyber-exhibitors who are on the cybershow.

2. Review and analyze licensing agreements:
I review and analyze licensing agent agreements, licensing agreements or other agreements and provide recommendations for making sure it's beneficial to the inventor, not a lop-sided deal.

3. Personal introductions and referrals:
If I happen to have personal contacts that I know at a company related to my client's product, I provide an introduction and referral to the specific person who might be able to help or work with the inventor, or at least give him some valuable feedback. This could be a patent attorney, a prototype maker, a lawyer, an engineer, or on occasion even a famous inventor that I know, etc.

4. Organizations and resources:
Or I may point my clients to an organization that offers the technical expertise that they need for their specific invention, an organization that they would never have thought of going to on their own.

5. Filling in missing pieces:
Very often, there are missing pieces that inventors have overlooked, and I help them backtrack and fill in these necessary parts.

6. Help focus and guide inventor:
If the inventor is going in a lot of different directions, I help them determine what they want to accomplish, and then help steer them in the right direction. Most of the time inventors are failing because they don't know what they want, and are doing the wrong things. I help them in getting clarity of purpose.

7. Suggestions for books, organizations, companies, etc.
Depending on where the inventor is at in the process, I provide direct resources, books, course, tips, suggestions and recommendations that they need. It could also be an association, or a company, or person, etc.

8. Solutions for problems:
If an inventor is experiencing problems like marketing, getting a patent issued, or making a prototype that works, I offer alternatives and solutions that very often solve the problem. Very often with little or no money. With infringement problems, I put them in touch with contacts I have, or guide them on how to make sure they're protected, help them find an intellectual property attorney that will work on contingency or take it on for a percentage.

Bottom line, the most successful athletes, successful business people, and professionals use the guidance and personal help from the best trainers, coaches, mentors, and advisors all the time. It's very common in the business and sports worlds.

My consulting service is unique, based upon my 3+ decades of consulting experiences with thousands of entrepreneurs and inventors, guiding and helping them to success. I am available in one hour blocks, at my hourly rate of $99/hr. Buying consulting packages gives you a break on the hourly rate. Packages over 5 hours include Unlimited Free "Quick Questions" (questions that can be answered by email or phone in under 10 minutes 24/7/365). Note: This is a coaching program and I do not take any percentages.

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You can schedule the TeleConsultations whenever you have time, there's no deadlines, only your self-determined goals. For example, if you work at a full-time job, have family, or other obligations, you may be tight on time. No problem, there's no fixed timeframe for the One-on-One TeleConsultationsTM sessions or for your going through the process of inventing. You can go through the process at your own pace, and go through it as quickly or as slowly as you feel comfortable with.

From time to time I'll check in to see how you're doing, but otherwise you can schedule your phone Tele-Consultations whenever you have any questions, need more direction, or run into obstacles.

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If you've already had a Complimentary Brainstorm with me, then you're somewhat familiar with how the phone consultations work. My proprietary system has been developed by me over many decades of my consulting with 1000s of clients.

It's easy to do TeleConsultationTMs. No matter where in the country you live, there are no travel expenses because TeleConsultationTMs are performed right over your telephone with me, Stephen Gnass.

The TeleConsultationTM is similar to working with an attorney. First, you schedule an appointment for the phone consultation, usually about a week in advance. Then each time you call, the amount of time you used is logged and deducted from your total time purchased.

First, you can email or call my office to schedule an appointment. Sometimes people believe that the consultation hours have to be used up by the hour, but that's not accurate.

Whatever amount of hours that you booked, can be used in increments of 15 minutes. So if you think you may need 30 minutes, we can book a 30 minute session. Or if you need 45 minutes, we can book a 45 minute session. But you're only billed for the actual time utilized in 15 minute increments. So if you book 45 minutes and use 30 minutes, then 30 minutes would be deducted from your account. Often, a lot of questions can be answered with the Unlimited Free "Quick Questions" which are complimentary with most of my services. Quick Questions are questions that can be answered in under 10 minutes by email or phone 24/7/365.

Then we send you back an email confirmation with the date and time of the session so you can jot it in your calendar.

Sending letters, documents, agreements to review
If you need to send me any letters, documents, agreements to review, you can send these by email, mail or fax. However you send them, just be sure that I have enough advance time to review the information.

You're also given permission to tape the phone consultation so that you can listen to it again as many times as you need. I cover a lot in the phone calls, so often a lot can be forgotten unless a person is a very good note taker, or records the call.

After the call, any support, information or resources that were discussed in the phone consultation will be sent to you by email with links, contact information, or PDF attachment files. I might also make a direct introduction to someone, if applicable.

The time that you used is then deducted from the package that you purchased and you will receive an updated statement by email.

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You can discuss any subjects related to protecting, launching and marketing your invention. But Stephen's knowledge and experience extends into the broader categories of entrepreneuring, marketing, public relations, and personal goal setting as well. With his holistic approach, you'll find that he'll be giving you a wealth of information and direction in many areas that will help you with your invention.

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It depends on your questions and needs. But we recommend that you schedule your TeleConsultationTM for at least 30 minutes to one hour.

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If you're prepared for your consultation, you'll help maximize and leverage your time so that you get the information that you need.

We recommend that you prepare yourself by listing specific questions you have about any challenges or situations you may be encountering.

Before the consultation, be sure to have a legal notepad or some paper with pens or pencils handy, in order to be able to take lots of notes.

Taping the Call
We also recommend that you prepare to tape and record the call so you're able to listen to it over and over, after the call. Stephen gives "a lot" of information, so unless you tape the call, or write fast notes, it may be difficult to remember it all!

If you're planning to tape, prior to the consultation, you just need to let Stephen know that you will be taping the call, and he'll give you verbal permission to tape the consultation [you need the verbal approval on the tape, otherwise it's not legal].

We can suggest the type of equipment to purchase (about $20 plus a tape recorder), just ask us. If you prefer for us to tape the call, with your permission, with advance notice, and for a small fee, we can make all the arrangements to provide you with a professional tape copy.

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Yes, face-to-face consultations with Stephen Gnass can be scheduled, based upon Mr. Gnass' availability. But in-person consultations often require at least a half day set aside because they require travel time to and from the location, plus usually the consultations last much longer than they do by phone. For this reason, they're billed at a higher rate. Email us for rates if you are interested in a face-to-face consultation.

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You can book blocks of time from a minimum of 1 hour to packages of 3 hours, 5 hours, 10 hours and even 30 hours. The rate for buying 1 hour is the highest at $99/hr (this rate is for independent inventors and entrepreneurs not making any money with their inventions).

So if you're tight on money, you can book just one hour for $99, which will be used in increments of 15 minutes, as described above. Once you’ve utilized the hour, you can buy another hour whenever you need it or can afford it - for example, a week later or a month later.

However you get more time for your money with the packages of hours. For example, a package of 10 hours for $750 brings the hourly rate down to $75/hr. Once you purchase a package of hours, for example, 10 hours, you can make appointments whenever you need guidance or have questions, and the time will be deducted from your hours as you use it, in increments of 15 minutes. Whether you're getting a package of hours for the first time, or need to rebook hours, this is your opportunity to get a great deal on packages of hours! (Note: packages of 5 hours or more include unlimited the Bonus of Unlimited Free "Quick Questions" that can be answered by email or phone in under 10 minutes 24/7/365).

1 Hour Rate Regular rate: $99/hr
for independent inventors, entrepreneurs and small business not generating income from their products.
Click Here to Purchase

3 Hour Package: Your Special Price: $262.50 [Save almost 15% off!]
Normal Retail was $297.00.
bringing the hourly rate from $99/hr to $87.50/hr
That's a savings of $34.50 off retail!
Click Here to Purchase

5 Hour Package: Your Special Price: $406.25 [Save almost 20% off!]
Normal Retail was $495.00.
bringing the hourly rate from $99/hr to $81.25/hr
That's a savings of $88.75 off retail!
Click Here to Purchase

10 Hour Package: Your Special Price: $750.00 [Save almost 25% off!]
Normal Retail was $990.00.
bringing the hourly rate from $99/hr to $75.00/hr
That's a savings of $240.00 off retail!
Click Here to Purchase

20 Hour Package: Your Special Price: $1,425.00 [Save almost 28% off!]
Normal Retail was $1,980.00.
bringing the hourly rate from $99/hr to $71.25/hr
That's a savings of $555.00 off retail!
Click Here to Purchase

30 Hour Package: Your Special Price: $1,999.00 [Save about 33% off]
Normal Retail was $2,970.00.
bringing the hourly rate from $99/hr to $67.00/hr
That's a savings of $971.00 off retail!
Click Here to Purchase

(Note: There are some cases where package rates don't apply.)

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1. First, make the payment for your TeleConsultationTM [see the instructions below in number #14].

2. You can email us to schedule your TeleConsultationTM with Stephen. Give us a few dates and times of when you would like to have a consultation, so that we have some flexibility in scheduling it. Try to give us about a week in advance or at the very least a few days notice. If you have an urgent situation, we'll try to work you into the schedule right away.

3. You'll receive a "TeleConsultationTM Confirmation" email verifying the date and time, and the special consultation phone number that you should call.

4. Once you schedule a TeleConsultationTM, it is very important that you keep your telephone appointment since Stephen sets aside his time to consult with you. If you're more than 15 minutes late or miss your appointment, you'll have to reschedule your appointment, and a 15 minute (one time-block) will be deducted from your total time allotted. If you call at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule your appointment, there won't be any time deduction or charge. Please note that a $75.00 fee may be incurred if two appointments are missed without advance notification.

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We accept all major credit cards [Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery and electronic check] by phone order or online through PAYPAL. PayPal is owned by, and is a payment processing service that's very popular and free to sign up. It's secure and easy to use. You can also use PayPal on a one-time basis to make the payment, without signing up.

Just go to the Question 11, select your plan and click "Click Here to Purchase" or go to the consulting page and make the payment by clicking the payment button of the package that you want. Once the payment is made, we'll receive notification from PayPal. At that point you can email us to schedule a TeleConsultation session.

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When you're close to utilizing your time, we'll notify you so you can purchase additional TeleConsultationTMs. Remember that purchasing time in blocks saves you money, for example in 3 hour blocks or 10 hour blocks.

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