1. Once you have paid for your consulting time, email us to pre-schedule your phone consultation at least one week in advance, for a specific day and time. If you have an urgent situation, let us know and we will attempt to work out the earliest consultation possible.
2. The Consultation is performed by appointment over the telephone. 3. Consultations can be scheduled in increments of 15 minutes, i.e. 15 minutes or 30 minutes, or 45 minutes, etc.
4. You will be given authorization within the phone consultation to tape the 2-sided conversation so that you can listen to it as many times as you need after the call.
5. After the call, you will receive an accounting of the time usage that was deducted from your paid time. Once the amount drops down to under one hour, you will be billed for a new package if you need more hours. 6. This program includes email or phone support with "Unlimited" QUICK QUESTIONS for 30 days after the Tele-ConsultationTM.
7. Client agrees to give at least 24 hours notice if rescheduling is necessary to avoid any charges, penalties or time deductions.
8. Client recognizes that it is his responsibility to take action on the training, coaching, and consulting directives and strategies provided.
9. Client acknowledges that the information provided are not substitutes for legal counsel or financial services. For specific legal or financial assistance, it is recommended that the client contact an attorney or accountant.
10. Client acknowledges that the consultation information, whether verbal or taped, is copyrighted material and may not be copied, duplicated, shared or distributed in any way with other individuals or entities. The copyrighted material may not be used, adapted, or included in any other unauthorized course or training materials.
---> For more information, Read "Frequently Asked Questions"

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1. Management reserves the right to revise the rules at any time at its discretion.
2. Management reserves the right to refuse services to anyone at its discretion.
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