The best investment I had made in time and money...
I am so thankful to have him as an advisor!

Hello, I spent two years working to develop my product all the while I was running into walls and down dead-ends. Fortunately, I was able to connect with Stephen which happened to be the best investment I had made in time and money. Stephen has guided me (and pulled) me through the entire process of developing my product. Even though I am a highly educated woman with business experience, doing it all on your own is a very daunting task - this is where Stephen's partnership is invaluable. He is very knowledgeable and well connected, personable and thorough and has a wealth of experience and services to help any entrepreneur or inventor succeed. I am so thankful to have him as an advisor!

R. DeYampert

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Mr. Stephen Gnass and his team, are a wealth of reliable knowledge...Lead me in the right direction

I would just like to say that Mr.Stephen Gnass and his team, are a wealth of reliable knowledge. I have been a Timber Faller, Millwright, Fabricator, Driver, Inventor, and now an entrepreneur. And I wish, I would have known all I am telling you about, 1 year sooner. My communication and computer skills are far from refined. I would like to see a recent picture of Steve, I'm quite sure, he has had some hair loss since we first met. The man and his team are way more patient, and uplifting than anyone I have ever met. They have helped me set up a new website. Hooked me up with a reputable lawyer. Lead me in the right direction, and how to communicate with marketers, investors,etc. And even made me realize, I needed to redesign my invention a little so it could be sold in many different places and venues. If the Invention Convention ever had a client to remember, or forget, it is me. I would have to say if you have an invention. And you want to do (anything) with it. I would definitely call Steve Gnass and the Invention Convention Team.

M. Burleson

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Your advice and guidance...helped us understand
the difference between being a "crazy inventor"
and a "savvy inventor".


I wish to take this opportunity to thank you and Marsi personally and hope you extend our appreciation for the great job you and your team did on our CyberBooth. We have had a large number of visitors referred from your site. Bob and I were both very impressed with the quality of your web site and our Booth.

We are grateful for the time you spent learning about us, our company, and our invention. Your advice and guidance that we received from you during our numerous phone conferences and the reading material you provided helped us understand the difference between being a "crazy inventor" and a "savvy inventor". This specialized treatment allowed us to work smarter in achieving our goal of bringing our invention from "Mind to Market."

We want to especially thank you for your advice on the "art of negotiation". We still need a lot of practice, but we are definitely doing much better. We are working with a very well known Manufacturer's Representative who is in the process of introducing our invention to some of the major retail outlets. He is also talking with his contacts about a possible licensing deal. Who knows, maybe our invention will really be the next hot new household tool. Only time will tell. In closing we sincerely thank you for everything you have done to help us bring our invention to a national audience and we pray for continued success for you and your team. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Best regards and God bless,
Jean Hofmann-Kay, CEO
Gutter Clutter Buster LLC

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I Have Come to Depend on Him to Protect Me
From My Own Excitement to Keep Me
From Making a Poor Decision.

Dear Fellow Inventors:

This letter is to share my experiences working with Stephen Gnass, since receiving our patent on the invention of our Swivel Car Seat.

My partners and I, all being of different professions worked together on our invention and submitted it to be patented. Soon after receiving our patent many so called marketing companies wrote to us requesting to represent us to try and license our invention. All asked for up-front money from 4 to 10 thousand dollars to connect us with potential buyers. At this same time I received a call from Stephen telling me about Invention Connection and his Cyber Sites. We talked many times and I realized he was very knowledgeable about getting inventions viewed by many people for a reasonable price. We had already sent letters and pictures to companies we felt would be most interested in our invention. We got very few call backs. These mailers were probably the same that the marketing people would do for us, but at a much higher cost.

We decided to put our invention on Stephen's Cyber Site. We sent him pictures and a short summary of what we would like it to say. After several weeks they sent us a review of the the site for us to evaluate and change anything that we wanted. We made a few minor changes and then were put on his site. The economy went down about this time.

We have had our site for about 1 year or so. We have had inquiries from, Canada, United Kingdom, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Austriala. Even home shopping networks have asked to sell our product on their show. Every time I receive a new inquiry and I have questions, I place a call to Stephen. He has given me good information to think about each time and I have come to depend on him to protect me from my own excitement to keep from making a poor decision. He sends me articles about different companies and their reputations.

Last week I received requests from 3 different groups from Fordham University to use our invention for a marketing plan, so they could receive their MBA's. I asked how they found our invention and they said their professor told them to get on InventionConnection.com and select their favorite invention. I was very surprised that a professor even knew of the site. Because of Stephen's site we will be receiving a Marketing Plan for free from some very intelligent young people.

I can honestly say that if we are ever offered a licensing deal, Stephen will be the first phone call I will make to discuss strategies and the pitfalls. I will then call our patent attorney. We have never had the opportunity to meet face to face with Stephen. I hope to one day. It is very comforting to know that he has our best interest at heart and has not asked for another penny. I'm sure lots of inventors have been taken financial advantage of due to their passion and lack of knowledge in this field of business. In this day of scams, it is so difficult to trust someone.

My partners and I feel we have received our monies worth with putting our invention on his site. I'm sure people in other countries would have never seen our invention, if it we weren't for his Cyber Site. We have afterall a Global Economy.

We are very pleased with the way we have been treated and the knowledge that Stephen has shared with us. Good Luck on your invention!

Connie Bendure, Inventor
Augustine Mastroine, Inventor
William Talerico, Inventor

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Stephen's Many Years of Wisdom was What I Needed...
Listen to the Wisdom and Use All the Tools that Stephen Gnass and Invention Convention have to offer.

Dear Stephen,

Thanks to Stephen Gnass, my experience at a trade show was unbelievable. I really did not know what to expect at the expo, (but) through the very informational Conference calls, Stephen's many years of wisdom was what I needed. I took notes and used everything Stephen told me, from how to set up my booth, how to talk to and qualify each person that came to my booth using what Stephen taught me and using information from my cyber-exhibiting website. My own brochures information did not compare to the cyber-exhibiting format, so I used my Cyber-booth website information as hand outs and posted it around my booth. By using what Stephen taught me, my booth was a success. I received an Award (Bronze metal )for my Gota’go Personal Care Device. My Booth was selected out of 300 exhibitors to be interviewed by a major network TV show host. I would recommend if you have an invention, get a cyber-exhibiting web site and sign up for the conference calls. Get a tape recorder and record every call, and listen to the wisdom and use all the tools that Stephen Gnass and Invention Convention have to offer.

Roderick Calhoun
Inventor: of Gota’go Personal Care Device

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Stephen Shows a Personal Interest In His Clients,
For Him It Is Not Just a Job.
He Truly Wants You To Succeed.

Dear Stephen,

When it comes to knowing the ins and outs of the invention business there is no equal. I have worked with a few others and they appear to lack Stephen's personal interest in you. Stephen shows a personal interest in his clients, for him it is not just a job. He truly wants you to succeed. He also has many more tools available to him especially in his philosophy for the approach in which your mind and thinking play a major role, but even if you do not adopt it, he will still give you his best effort.

E. Quere
Product Developer

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You Zeroed in on What We Needed to Do and Showed Us Exactly How to Move Towards Bringing Our Dreams to Fruition.

Dear Stephen,

I want to thank you for all your help so far, in bringing my partners and I closer to our goals with our invention.

My name is Eileen Morris and I am partnered-up with my son Spencer and my sister Renee. We created a soft, plush doll, two and half years ago and were not sure the approach to take on getting it out there.

I gave you a call six months ago and we have been in touch ever since. The first piece of advice was for me to tape record our conversation. That alone, was helpful beyond belief. It allowed my partners and I to listen to our discussion, take notes and plan a strategy for getting this project off the ground. Never could I have remembered everything we had talked about in that hour and a half.

You gave me contacts, priceless suggestions on manufacturing, licensing approaches, insights into the inner workings of the toy industry, the importance of keeping daily logs, having the logs notarized and so much more. My sister immediately visited one of your suggested contacts in New York, while I benefited many times over with the information you gave me on your brother, Karl. Trying to get information on his classes as a master animator instructor, I spoke to his assistant, who put me in touch with the animation co-op, who in turn invited me to pitch my characters at their animation pitch session.

On top of all of that good fortune, I was able to purchase Karl's book, "Spirit of the Pose", which is the best life drawing book myself and my artist friends have ever encountered.

My partners and I, are still amazed at how you were able to give us so much important and productive information in such a short period of time.

You zeroed in on what we needed to do and showed us exactly how to move towards bringing our dreams to fruition. We have been acting on your advice and are pleased to announce the creation of the Shnoozles. They can be viewed at Shnoozles.com

Thank you again from all of us,
Eileen, Spencer and Renee

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Stephen Has a Seemingly Bottomless Wellspring of Knowledge

My name is Kerstin Sjoquist, and I assist people in going from "good," to "great." Ironically, that is exactly what my one-on-one personal consultations with Stephen Gnass have done (and are still doing!) for me.

I am a hypnotherapist with a private phone-consultation practice who has branched out into the consumer mass market with a line of guided meditation CDs called "Bliss Trips". Working with Stephen has been absolutely invaluable to me in the development and marketing of my business and products. With each step, I find that Stephen has a seemingly bottomless wellspring of knowledge, know-how, and information that helps me move forward. I have not yet come across a problem that Stephen does not have at least one, if not several, possible solutions for.

Stephen has a wealth of advice about the nuts-and-bolts procedures of running a business, such as inexpensive and effective ways to staff my booth at trade shows, how to develop an ongoing internship program, and things to look for when it comes to legal documentation and consultation.

But Stephen is so much more than a problem solver. He is also an incredible "big picture" guy, giving me specific tools that assist with the visioning of my projects. One of the most significant pieces of advice came from Stephen quite early in our association. He showed me clearly how in my particular situation, the Bliss Trips are not the product. *I am.* He showed me that by segregating the Bliss Trips as an entity separate from my own practice I wasn’t leveraging the most compelling and unique aspect of the Bliss Trips: "me". Stephen showed me how my unique "take" on things is the crucial element that sells me to my one-one-one clients, and how that same strength can be leveraged in the marketing of my product line as well.

Stephen was right on the mark; buyers are drawn to the fact that Bliss Trips are created by a Juilliard-trained actor-turned-hypnotherapist. They love that these meditations have a real person behind them. Stephen was right when he told me that I had to introduce myself before I got into people’s heads!.

Stephen has been instrumental in keeping me on track as my business grows. For example, his probing and questioning kept me from moving down a path that was not only out of in line with my objectives, but which damaged the key strength of my business. When I was momentarily blinded by the possibility of a licensing deal, Stephen was quick to point out that it clearly did not mesh with my overall goals or the best interest of my company. While it could have been lucrative in the short-term, I ultimately decided that this was not the right way to go. Stephen kept me from throwing out the baby with the bathwater and protected me from signing away a valuable asset.

Stephen has a very holistic approach to working with clients and seeks to include the bigger picture. He takes into account where you are as a person, where you are coming from, and what you are trying to accomplish. In my case this involves approaching my work from not only a functional point-of-view, but from a spiritual perspective. While he is thoroughly versed in practical and useful techniques and information, Stephen is also comfortable talking about things such as the meaning of my career from a spiritual viewpoint, how it fits into the arc of my life, and how (and if!) my body of work is fulfilling my personal goals and destiny.

Stephen is incredibly generous with his referrals and resources. On more than one occasion he has taken time to dig something out of his archives that would be useful to me. He has referred me to not only vendors who could help in product development, but to distributor connections who could help get my product out into the world.

My experience with Stephen is that he is a man of the highest integrity. He is both sensitive to what I can handle at any particular time (I’m sometimes a little protective of my baby – er, business), and yet an honest, "tell-it-like-it-is" advice giver when I need to hear the unvarnished truth. He does not follow a rote process, but uses his vast experience to tailor his consultations to my particular needs. I cannot recommend Stephen’s services highly enough, and personally look forward to many more years of a productive association.

Kerstin Sjoquist
Creator and Producer of Bliss Trips guided journey CDs

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Exchanging Thoughts

Let me introduce myself, my name is Alexi Padilla and I am a hairstylist and inventor. As a fellow inventor, I'm certain that you have undergone many a trial and tribulation. Through one of these trials, I gratefully stumbled across Stephen Gnass.

I cannot express enough gratitude toward Stephen for his unselfishness, especially in this type of business. Given from both a logical and spiritual point of view, his advice helps direct you in a way that allows you to see clearly through what you may have thought of as an "obstacle" to what in actuality is a blessing, a sign to "open the next door" to see where that leads you, (most certainly in the direction that gets you closer to your prize).

I was at a critical point where I didn't know what to do with myself or my product. I was undergoing medical treatments and had just been "wronged" by an infomercial company. At my wits end, I sent e-mails everywhere and one of the replies was from Stephen.

Not trying to sell me on anything, he asked questions, listened attentively and responded with nothing but genuine, positive feedback. Not once did I feel an underlying current of a sales pitch. Without even really knowing me nor witnessing my situation, he jumped right in to help. And that he did.

Periodically checking up on me, he found me in various states of frustration and always gave advice to counteract the negativity I was feeling and / or creating for myself.

Stephen Gnass is much more than a person with a successful business. He is a true Godsend to any inventor. He doesn't sugarcoat anything, but he makes even the most seemingly devastating situations easier to understand by showing you how to get beyond that point so that you can have a reason (not an excuse) to continue.

Eventually, through this process you'll be able to see more clearly and understand why the "let-downs" happened and realize that in due time, with effort and perseverance, your hard work will pay off.

Words cannot convey all that I have gained through listening to Stephen's deep-rooted advice. Since the conception of my product, nine and a half years ago, I can say that good advice is rarely given freely in the field of inventions without the expectations of something in return. That alone makes Stephen Gnass a rarity to all inventors.

Whether a beginner or a novice, he's here for us. All I can say is to keep your eyes on the prize and if there is ever any question, then you know your answer ...... Stephen Gnass.

Stephen, you are a true mentor.

Thank you,
Alexi Padilla, Product Developer
(In Memory to Alexi Padilla, who passed away several years ago)

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More Impressive Than Stephen’s Breadth of Experience and Vast List of Possible Solutions and Resources was his Constant Support.

I developed a product about 5 years ago, not with the desire to ‘invent’ but simply to serve a need I had. After a few months I began to play with the idea of developing the product for retail sales. I had just knowledge and just enough grit to jump right in with both feet. Fortunately for me, I learn very quickly; unfortunately for me, I learned that I should have tested the water before I jumped in. Of course that’s a book of lessons in and of itself, however, the biggest and most important lessons I learned were not about product development at all. The last five years have been life altering in ways I couldn’t have imagined. This ‘invention adventure’ brought people into my life that I will keep in my life forever. This is where Stephen Gnass comes in.

Somewhere along the way I came across the InventionConvention website and I contacted Mr. Stephen Gnass. At the time I was in the midst of turmoil over product liability insurance. The fees were astronomical and I was at my wits end trying to find an acceptable solution. I’ll admit my expectations weren’t high as I had spoken to many industry mentors/marketers/etc. that were more interested in hearing themselves talk or selling their services than in listening to me and trying to determine if their services were actually what I needed. I am more than happy to pay for good service that fills a need, but I found that very difficult to find.

Stephen impressed me during the first conversation because he asked me questions, lots of probing, intuitive questions; questions that proved to me he knew what he was talking about. I could go on and on about all the suggestions and ideas that Stephen came up with. I will admit that I didn’t follow through on most of them and have since paid the price.

More impressive than Stephen’s breadth of experience and vast list of possible solutions and resources was his constant support. There were days when I just wanted to bag the whole thing and I would get a call from Stephen asking how things were going. Stephen is very persistent and he wouldn’t let me off the hook with vague answers. He would pick up right where we last left off and start asking me those piercing questions. He could sense that I was close to throwing in the towel and he simply wouldn’t give up on me. I am still amazed when I think about it because I was just one of thousands of entrepreneurs Stephen has consulted to and yet I felt like I was a priority, like I had a personal coach; inspiring me, pushing me and believing in me.

This grand adventure has forced me to really evaluate the goals, habits and beliefs, not just of my career, but of my life. I know that Stephen Gnass played a vital role along the way. Stephen offers a non-stop stream of useful, articulate advice and when appropriate, supporting documentation.

He is in my opinion, an entrepreneurs dream. I look for opportunities to share information about Stephen Gnass, and each time I do I know I have offered someone a golden nugget and it makes me feel good.

Is my "idea" financially supporting me? Am I where I thought I’d be 5 years ago? No. What I am is a happier person, and that's more than I'd hoped for.

Jillianne Pierce, Product Developer

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The Art of Inventing: An Inventor's Story

Webster defines the word invention as "a product of the imagination." With the word "invention" clearly defined, we have made it though the first easy step.

Now I am going to tell you a story about an inventor, his wife, and the many victories and downfalls they have gone thru, in a journey over 14 years of working on their invention. You will also hear about other people who have played a very important part of this invention.

Our story begins in 1991 in Plant City, Florida. The inventor and his wife purchased a home and were in the process of decorating. While hanging photos of their families, they realized there had to be a better way to hang so many pictures with less effort and time. So, the inventor went out to his shop and went to work.

After a few hours, he emerged with the PICTURE HANGER HELPER. He showed the PICTURE HANGER HELPER to his wife and demonstrated how the invention worked. The object of his invention is to effortlessly pinpoint and mark the exact spot on a wall for a nail, in order to hang a picture frame in the perfect location.

Great, we have made it though the second step, the PROTOTYPE, easy enough. By the way, the inventor's wife LOVED It!

Step three, "The Patent", and here is where the fun begins. One may think the Patent process is easy, just come up with a great idea, send it with a little money to the Patent Office and you have a patent. Wrong. It takes a great idea, lots of money, patience, and time.

In 1992, the inventor and his wife were ready to get a patent on their invention. They contacted what we will call the "middleman." This person ran an office that was supposed to be an extension of the Patent Office. The inventor was shocked that it would cost so much for a patent. There were costs involved for drawings and writing of the patent and this was before anything was even sent to the Patent Office in Washington.

In 1995, the inventor and his wife decided to make a move to North Carolina. At this point the inventor contacted the "middleman" to inform him of a change of address. The middleman assured the inventor he would advise of any information he received from the Patent Office. So, the move was made.

After settling in North Carolina, the inventor began showing his invention to several individuals, for feedback, along with asking them to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is a form that both parties sign (the inventor and other individual) that states the person seeing the product will not manufacture it. Everyone who was shown the invention loved the product. However, little interest was shown without a "patent".

In 1998 the inventor and his wife purchased a computer as a tool to communicate information to prospects, since general mail and telephone contact were both time and cost prohibitive. At this point, the inventor had yet to hear any word from the middleman, on the progress of the patent.

The inventor called that individual and found the office to be permanently closed. This is where the roller coaster ride really began to get interesting.

One day, while on the internet, the inventor came across a web site called "InventionConvention.com". This site claimed they would take a patented invention and place it on a cyberbooth, making it possible for manufacturers to examine the product. They also claimed they would provide limited counseling in reference to an individual's invention. So, this inventor decided to contact the owner of the web site whose name is Stephen Gnass.

The inventor explained the situation of the middleman's office closing and that he did not know where to turn concerning his patent. Stephen, even though he had no obligation to this inventor, provided the inventor with the names of his contacts at the Patent Office. The inventor contacted these individuals and was told that the "middleman" dropped the ball. The patent that was applied for, had been placed in abandonment by the patent office.

Now keep in mind, Stephen is helping this inventor who is not even on the InventionConvention web site, and has yet to acquire a patent. I feel this says a lot for Stephen and his staff to provide assistance to someone who has not, at this point, even qualified to be a candidate for InventionConvention. But with Stephen's professional expertise, a patent was successfully issued in 1999.

Step four. After receiving his patent with the help of Stephen Gnass, the inventor placed his invention, the "PICTURE HANGER HELPER", on a web site on InventionConvention. Stephen continued to provide advice about licensing his invention, provided helpful suggestions and references for books about licensing, manufacturing, plastic injection molding, plastic associations and so on.

Finally, step five. Finding a manufacturer to license the invention, which can sometimes be very challenging. By far, I believe this to be the most difficult step in the art of inventing. After placing the invention on InventionConvention, Stephen introduced the inventor to Mr. Ken Siegle, who also has a product on the web site. Mr. Siegle started a product development company called 2N2. Through Stephen's help, our inventor was able to work with Ken and his staff, who in turn produced several hundred samples of the product. And I would also like to add, they did a great job.

This writer believes in the art of inventing, but you need a number of things in your corner. First you need a great idea that you believe in, and second you need to go directly to the Patent Office for your patent. Finally, you need a good coach in your corner to get you through each round.

Our coach in this venture is Stephen Gnass, the owner of InventionConvention.com. I can assure you that when the next invention is started, Mr. Gnass will again be in our corner.

By the way, the inventor in this story is myself, Richard E. Deaton and my wife and partner Cynthia. My hope is that after you read this, you enjoyed it and maybe acquired a few pointers about the art of inventing. Just remember one thing, the art in winning in anything is a "good coach."

We wish we had Stephen and his staff in our corner from the beginning.

The "PICTURE HANGER HELPER" can be found on cyberbooth #232. Enjoy your inventing.

Richard and Cynthia Deaton

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Your Consulting In These Areas Has Been Superb...

Dr. Margaret R. Favata, LPCC, LMFT
1724 Bass Circle
LaGrange, KY 40031
May 8, 2004

TO: Invention Connection®
Attention: Mr. Stephen Gnass

Dear Stephen,

I want to take this time to thank you for the role that you have played in my life. Having an invention doesn’t go very far without someone with knowledge of the field and a willingness to work with the inventor.

As you know, my colleague and I have invented the MSR and came to you for your expertise. Your abilities have enabled me to move forward in a direction that helped me alleviate the loneliness inventors’ experience.

I recognize that you are not a broker, manufacturer, agent or marketer, but your consulting in these areas has been superb. I would not hesitate to have anyone who needs information regarding any of these areas to contact you and obtain your services.

Thank you again for your help and I am looking forward to a continuing excellent business relationship.

Dr. Margaret R. Favata, LPCC, LMFT
Co-Inventor, Metra Stress Reducer

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With His Vast Knowledge and Experience He is Dedicated to Helping Inventors

My name is Albert Weber, President of Life Improvement Unlimited and inventor of a unique product which I have named Roll-A-Gym. The daily use of my Roll-A-Gym has enabled me to keep in great physical condition in this, my 90th year. my invention can be viewed on InventionConvention.com, [booth 344].

I am among the vast number of inventors who have great ideas, many of which have never seen daylight but with a limited number who have surmounted initial obstacles and have in fact have a produced item and beginning inventory [of which I list myself].

So, what is the problem?

Very simply put, the marketing.

I am among the fortunate who have met personally with Stephen Gnass, who enjoyed a successful career producing the Invention Convention® in Pasadena for a number of years prior to his recent expansion into the World Wide Web.

Now as to Stephen Gnass. How is he different?

With his vast knowledge and experience he is dedicated to helping inventors from A to Z [all the steps needed from the idea into the product’s successful entry into the marketplace.].

Along the way many of his suggestions are offered Pro Bono [without charge] although not all, of course.

Many companies claim to do this but none that I am aware of [except Stephen] without offering their services at great cost to the inventor and in most cases with disappointing results.

Having Stephen on your side assures you of zeroing in on your objective and making the right decisions along the way.

A recent experience illustrates the above:

Recently I was approached by a company in San Francisco who had seen my invention on the Invention Convention web site. I was under the impression that they were interested as a licensee. I traveled to San Francisco to meet with them and learned that instead they were interested in becoming my agent to interest other companies in obtaining a license.

I consulted with Stephen before leaving for San Francisco.

This is still in process.

Stephen’s advice was invaluable and comforting.

In the meantime I am free to pursue other contacts.

What more can I say?

Stephen Gnass and Invention Convention is a treasure beyond description for the poor and lonely inventor who unfortunately are the prey to so many unscrupulous companies and individuals.

My advice...connect with Stephen.

All the best.

All Weber

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Mr. Gnass. You Saved Me $10,000+...

Hello Mr. Gnass.
I have been doing research on my product to find there are plenty of products similar to mine. I have not seen any of them in stores or in use. I feel this product has saturated the market. I have consulted with an engineer friend who said the product needed plenty of design work that added too much cost. I thank you for all your help. You saved me $10,000+ on that invention submission scam company. Thanks to your web site and related books I have a much better concept of what it takes to invent. Hope to have better luck in future. Thanks again.

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I Cannot Thank You Enough for Your Suggestion Stephen

Thank you for the helpful information and I will be in touch again soon as I make further progress. I thought you might like to know that I took Stephen's advice and spoke directly with the Patent Examiner reviewing one my applications...

After speaking with me, he then reversed his ruling, extended the review date for another three months, told me more or less what language he wanted me to use in my application and then called my attorney to relay all of this same information to him as well.

Naturally, my attorney called me up and was shocked. So, I cannot thank you enough for your suggestion Stephen.

Thanks, MK, California

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