Below are just a few of the many appreciative reviews and comments about the Free "Inventing 101 Online Course" at NCIO that Stephen Paul Gnass developed and authored, as well just a few of the numerous requests we receive from individuals on an ongoing basis asking for more help and information.

It is impossible to individually answer all of the emails that we receive. Out of this need for educational information, the Business of InventingTM Advice and Consulting services have been created.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

3 New Inventions and I Want to Subscribe
Please include me in your subscriptions. I have 3 inventions that I am as you exactly stated - both excited and frustrated...Thanks, I am VERY excited to find this site.
Please Send Me More Info on Inventing 101
I came across your extremely helpful website while doing a search on Yahoo! for Disclosure Documents...I have come across your website at the perfect time...Thank you for a wonderful website dedicated to all of us inventors.
Roger, CA
Re: Comments to Gnass
Whew! Best thing I've read all year. Thanks for your quick response-most helpful and reassuring. Again, thanks!
George, TX
Provisional Patent Applications
Great website!...Thanks
Lost with a new idea
I got your name and address from an article in the "Bottom Line" magazine and have looked at your website. Nice to know that there are organizations out there like yours.
Mike, NV
Thank You
I almost got scammed until I read your site, thank you. Respectfully
Bostonian Comes up with Inventions - Right and Left!
Hi, my name is Sophia. Recently inventions have been popping up in my head from nowhere...I plugged in a couple of keywords which brought me to you!...Thanks, your friend from Boston

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